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i can't wait for tomorrow. unemployment claims 5.5 year low. wall street journal's dan henning there's not jumping for joy worried obamacare could wipe out more full-time jobs. how about bigger government? not big enough already? we have a guest to wants uncle sam to employ everyone who does not have a job. automakers on fire, sales for july the best we have seen in years. of the company's betting too big on pickup trucks? out of time out of luck and out of the game. alex rodriquez a number of major league baseball players could be suspended at any moment and performance enhancing drugs, we are on that story and everything you need to know this hour on markets now. connell: a-rod, a sports business story. dagen: dislike him but
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fascinated with those story. connell: we will get to that later but the market on a tear today. the s&p hitting more intra-day record with notions, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> however you care for a bull market and record high go for it and that is the fact. and 15,620 at the highest point today. the all-time record in today's 15,650. and so many names have done so well, overall in equities. and bear have been stellar performers with entities along, let's take a look at what we are watching and jobless claims fell
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in and unexpected leap, to a five year low. and fewer claims that 326,000 in the latest week. connell: and talking about the claims figures. at the same level in terms of jobless claims. dagen: does he deserve credit for this? dan henninger will answer that. >> a mere three years is all it has taken. the problem is, a part-time jobs economy, part-time jobs at a record of twenty-eight million. part-time jobs are rising, and six million jobs, in 2007.
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and so many part-time people being hired and full-time employment at pre recession cliff and it has to do with policies specifically the affordable health care act which we call obamacare. and provisions of that what on the length of the work week and number of people where we have to comply with the law and employers to hire more part-time employees or move people out of full time work and into part-time work. connell: of obama moving forward from here, if this is more part-time workers, and the overused phrase, and the new normal. >> it would be a new normal. they lay the employer mandate for a year and during the year they work out some of these disagreements and say we cannot
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have a 30 hour work week under obamacare. normal businesses, there are at a higher level. and part-timers. dagen: the president on the campaign trail and the need to help the middle class and need to help out the have nots, and they're going to work with congress, and the willingness to act alone. >> he will act with or without congress and that means without congress. mainly democrats will ask the republicans to agree to more federal spending, the idea being public spending stimulates jobs. we have a growth rate that is below 2% and the simple reality is as long as the growth rate remains off of its historic trend in the united states of 3% we are not going to have robust
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sustained job creation in the united states and we have to ask what is the president doing to get the growth rate off of its back? at least in plus territory up to 3% and the bureau of economic analysis just revised the growth rate going back 70 years and during the reagan years it was 4.4% for five years. that is the difference between night and day versus a 2% growth rate? bernard: we're about to talk to congressman ben holland about getting rid of across-the-board spending cuts and sequester and the effect of that. >> my view, congressman holland wants to do that so you can spend more public money, the same old keynesian theory that that spending multipliers economic activity. they have been doing that four or five years and we are below 2% growth and he has to explain
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why that is happening despite the trillions and trillions of dollars. dagen: real incomes are not going. connell: good to see. the congressman gets his chance. what if there was a way to add a million new jobs on top of what we are seeing? congressional budget office did do this analysis eliminating automatic spending cuts for the rest of the fiscal year 2013-14 would create 900,000 jobs by the end of next year. the aforementioned democratic congressman chris and holland joins us now from capitol hill. i am sure you heard dan henninger, one of the lead writers at the wall street journal had to say that the end of his remarks, 2% growth and what you would like to do so why not pick up and get into details, getting rid of the sequestration. what is your response to what dan said? >> we need to dig out of the
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economy. we are seeing growth but i will be first to agree growth is too slow which is why the government analysis is important. is the independent nonpartisan congressional budget office who has told us if the sequester remains in place you are talking about 1 million fewer jobs between now and the end of september of 2014 and that adds up to 0.7% gdp. according to the congressional budget office. it is clear the sequester is a drag on the economy. we proposed replacing the sequester so you achieve the same deficit reduction but over a longer period of time and for accommodation of more targeted cuts and also tax expenditures. connell: we will begin to that. the sequestration replacement essentially dollar for dollar is the same. you spread it out. what is the number of years you
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are seeing now? that is the first part. how would it change it? the second part, the nine thousand jobs being added, analysis by the congressional budget office, how would -- how do you think your places strategy would compare to that? you will not get all 900,000. >> we would pretty much get all 900,000 and one is to replace the full ten year sequester and achieve the same deficit reduction. that is in the budget and we have a very concrete specific plan that would replace the sequestered for the exact period of the congressional budget office report so through fiscal year 2014 because i think we would all agree the economy is especially slow, we need those 1 million jobs and we need the 0.7% growth and need to deal with the deficits. if we deal with the deficit over a longer period of time or more
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of a glide path you get the benefit of the jobs and economic growth now and the benefit of deficit reduction. connell: when you make your argument, when it is not growing as it should, we could all agree you are right. that is not where we need to be but we are seeing signs, the jobs report will be another part, we are picking up, and the conservatives argue, the, quote, do they scenario associated with the sequester has come to fruition. and not 700 federal vendors, 57% feel they were negatively impacted by the sequester, implication that the rest do not but that is not such a huge numbers so they say it is not bad. >> it could be better and this is a self-inflicted wound.
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this is unnecessary damage because of congressional inaction. and 7% growth is not gangbusters, 2% growth and 3% growth, and it gets you almost 1%. if there is something we can do to make things better why would we stand in the way? that is the point when we come also achieve the same amount of long-term deficit reduction. when we do what ben bernanke said we need to do which is not to have a drag on the economy but deal with long-term deficit. that allows you to do both in the proposal. connell: you heard what dan henninger said, thanks a lot for coming on. dagen: we have more information related to a story charles payne
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was talking about. more and more white americans showing less optimism about their chances. connell: charles will be back with more. car dealers try to clear for less year's models. they're coming up as well. dagen: maybe not so excellent major league baseball could drop hammer at any moment, more suspensions for players tied to performance enhancing drugs. we are watching for a-rod and as we go to break, forbes listed fictional characters, the great gatsby coming in 15. we will show you more over the next few hours. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one buckeof data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyons in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ connell: we had a discussion about poverty, now new numbers, back to charles payne, to some extent. dagen: american attitudes about economic future are delighted by race. again optimism waning among
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white americans. charles: in the national media huge battle going on about race in america and two fried is a go president obama gave the impromptu speech talking about opportunities and feels like they're going backwards. and forgetting about news, headlines and all that, it is white america that seems to be an extraordinarily does the time at least from a psychological point of view. connell: this survey shows white people are not as optimistic about the economy and the numbers are far apart like the 40s for white americans and the 70s. charles: optimism about the direction of the country, they say they are optimistic, 73 gazette hispanic, 71% black. a lot of that, has to do -- maybe people look at the
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president and the economic reality has not changed that much. forty-six million people, and the number is growing. and single white women live in poverty, that is exploited and the breakdown into social fabric. and children out of wedlock. and a large part of the success and i talk about this whether it is relationships, self-fulfilling. when you have a large portion of your population, the future does not look great it doesn't help. they won't start a business or by house or save for college, a lot of things happen that make it a self-fulfilling reality. dagen: you think it will get worse. charles: i do believe the economy is going to improve, but
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this optimism we have seen among black people will pull back and the entire country is in the same situation jimmy carter pointed out, general malaise. where black people have them, we have a serious crisis among white americans. dagen: any time i talk about stock market set a new record or the automakers sales numbers are great, energy doing well, a lot of retail doing well, a lot of my friends are like jobless rates north of 7.5%. a lot of people in or out of work. charles: with the stock market and the look at these numbers every night, a lot has to do with global prosperity and global enthusiasm. every one of these companies are making more and more money. when you look out the window and see despair and want the market is up there is no longer the direct correlation of the stock market records and america.
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connell: good discussion. charles: things to stay on top of. we have to be more optimistic to get out of this whole. connell: see you soon. dagen: shares of j.c. penney recovering have to the company refused to report fed chair tom lane yesterday. nicole petallides watching the stock. nicole: what a 24-hour window we have watched for j.c. penney. late in the day we saw the stock taking dramatically. today coming back. lewis story is yesterday's c i t no longer supporting the small vendors and lending to them to provide j.c. penney because earlier in the week c i t met with j.c. penney and saw financial that basically said we are not giving you the money to go there so what happens ultimately now is as you noted j.c. penney is refusing that report and saying it is flat out not true. we have spoken to our vendors
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that provide to us at j.c. penney and they are all set, no problem at all. the stock is recouping some losses. yesterday it dropped 10%. today it is up 2%. hasn't erased everything from yesterday. charles: dagen mcdowell mentioned the strong numbers, the best in seven years for july, car sales are out. we will find out why that is taking place. dagen: unemployment claims at their lowest level in five years. and ahead, a plan to get everybody back to work. but they all end up working for uncle sam. connell: interesting. ♪
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>> 23 minutes past the hour this is your fox news minute. we take you to cleveland where aerial castro at sentencing is underway convicted of holding three women captive for a decade in his home, made a deal to avoid the death penalty. he pled guilty to 937 criminal counts and faces a life sentence plus 1,000 years. the n s a v 9 the report its
11:24 am
database tracks all internet data. the guardian story based on weak document says analysts see our any individual e-mails and web searches as well. in a statement to fox news the statement says, quote, allegations of widespread unchecked analyst access to collection data is simply not true. the european budget airline easy jet is not so easy. when they canceled the geneva to london flight and the male passengers their flight had been rescheduled, set to depart in 20199. the airline apologizing for the 86 year flight delay message blaming it on a computer glitch. can't imagine that was human error. back to you. dagen: good to see you. car sales in july were on fire, not just cards but pickup
11:25 am
trucks, vehicles overall. general motors up 16% in the u.s. chrysler and ford posted a 11% gains, the best july in 7 years. what do you make of this? worried about the road ahead, auto critic with the detroit free press joining us from michigan, good to see you. i did not intend to make a car related pun about driving. a lot of this is in a pickup trucks and larger vehicles. are you worried these automakers are making the same a stake they did in the 90s? it blew up in their face. >> not really. the increase in pickup trucks is due to a lot of businesses stocking up again because they think the economy is getting better and many as you thes we see our smaller than the vehicles that existed in 90s and more fuel efficient. the problem is when car and suv sales get out of whack and you are making your money on huge
11:26 am
vehicles and losing money on cars that doesn't seem to be the case. the ford fiesta is up 90% in july versus last year which was a stunning number. dagen: we should really celebrate these automakers and rejoice in effect these sales are so good and the quality of these vehicles is so good. you get in any small american sedan these days and even in many cases it is superior to what you would buy in japan or from the japanese automaker. >> the technology in all vehicles is phenomenal compared to where we were a couple years ago and if you look at the domestics they are fully competitive these days. there was a story in consumer reports that all the chevy impala the best sedan you could buy. better than some luxury cars. things are looking pretty good and people are regaining confidence and that is helping the sales picture. dagen: i am a daily reader of the detroit free press.
11:27 am
it was last week you ran article about some of the things that were bothersome like car loans, the terms are getting longer. why is that disturbing? why should we be concerned about that? >> a couple things to keep an eye on to make sure they don't get out of whack and one of the ms. this 72 month, six your car loan accounted for 30% of sales in july. that is a long time supporting higher sales prices for cars. the average car costss$28,000. that is good but if people are stuck in loans that are so long that the car's worth less than they owe that is a problem. dagen: one last thing. how do people in default if the elected a bankruptcy filing? talking about how great car sales are but how are the folks doing? >> it is a mixed picture. there is nervousness, there is a feeling that a lot of this had to happen, it was inevitable and the future is better but how we
11:28 am
get from here to the future is an uncharted road. dagen: thanks for being here, you're welcome back anytime, taught cars all day long. please come back very soon from the detour free press. connell: next up, never boring when marshall aurbeck shows the. is latest theory is if you want to work the government should guarantee it. the government should guarantee the jobs. marshall will be ahead with that -pand i am sure we can think of few questions. dagen: a-rod. will it be a lifetime suspension? speculation and may be news ahead.
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connell: lets talk about facebook stock price for a moment. everybody making a big deal, where are we now, nicole? nicole: above $38, people started to take some profits, and look at it now. 37.86. it has improved. it traded as high as $38.31. these are the highest level since last may. we had the ipo, the botched ipo, as high as $45. this stock opened at 37.65. dagen: jobless claims at a five and a half year low, but unemployment rate is still 7.6%. because of that our next guest
11:33 am
says the government should offer a jobs guarantee program turning unemployment office into an employment office. connell: and never boring at the institute for new economic thinking. >speak often wrong, never borin. connell: have added, what do you want to do here? >> in effect we already have historic situations like the new deal where we have had conservation, my suggestion would be to make it a permanent feature of the government. it would not have to create a new level bureaucracy. they could be doing the same kind of work right now. while you want to subsidize effective unemployment and you can be giving people jobs?
11:34 am
have transitioned jobs to maintain the habit of working. eliminating long-term unemployment. keep a shovel ready for spray to get back into the private sector where the demand improves. dagen: you have to pay them something. isn't it better somewhere else? >> you're paying already with unemployment insurance. dagen: not as much as if they were fully employed. >> i am talking about asic level. dagen: unemployment insurance expires. >> and we have additional negative cost, breaking on the families, alcoholism, and risen, so there many social cost which you cannot calculate and the basic confines if they're working or not working.
11:35 am
connell: is one of those things why didn't i think of that it it was that simple. dagen: don't think that's great, don't want more postal workers or tsa workers. connell: more to the point do we need to spend all this money. so many reasons not to do something like this. >> my point is your spending the money already. connell: but not as much. the math cannot be as much. >> the net effect in the context including unemployment programs, food stamps, you're probably looking at a net addition of $50 billion per year. what happens is when you get more people into the employment q, people begin to draw
11:36 am
unemployment. again, this is a static analysis. i don't actually have the same kind of phobia you have. dagen: i have a phobia of the government become a much larger than these are jobs that last forever and you mentioned the new deal, employment was one third of people unemployed during the great depression. we are back down to 7.6%. we are not in the dire straits as high as it is. it is 13 low enough to avoid creating the government to seem bigger than the one we have now. >> the question was do you want to bail out detroit? no, much rather have a program that allows people to%1 work soe don't have to have bailouts of our municipality. you want to have an army of
11:37 am
unemployed, people ready to be more productive for the private sector. you don't want a situation where you have the buffet of labor becoming unemployable over the long-term. connell: always good to have you. never boring. so there you go. dagen: white house spokesperson adding fuel to the fire over the phony scandal. the white house is dealing with. fox news is here to talk about that. connell: alex rodriguez in the hot seat, major league baseball tickets to follow through with big-time suspensions could come down anytime according to reports. will a-rod ever play again? coming up. dagen: jeff flock is outlet shopping going through shopping bags looking at what they have been buying. he will show us some new brands. connell: we will be right back.
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jo: i am jo ling kent with your fox business reef. the case against former goldman sachs vice president.
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the jury asked this morning to clarify a couple of issues comic use of misleading investors in a deal that cost than a billion dollars. stay tuned for up-to-the-minute coverage. construction fell in june for on the drop in five months falling six tenths of 1% from me. the fastest pace two years. a surge in hiring. manufacturing slowed earlier this user providing crucial reports on the economy after the recession and, ended in june of 2009. giving you the power to prosper.
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dagen: white house press secretary pointing out in yesterday's briefing which scandal president obama things @re phony.
11:42 am
>> whether it is about the tax in benghazi and the talking points are revelations about conduct at the irs, it tends to turn this into a scandal have failed. dagen: so they failed. really? joining us now from washington, d.c. these a incidences into scandals are phony, they failed, what do you say? >> investigations are continui continuing, it is getting tougher and tougher even though the white house and the president continue to use that phrase for that to stick up. speaking to one of them and the fbi as being behind this attack on the conflict in benghazi.
11:43 am
doing an interview. as the fbi says they're trying to track down these people. so that in and of itself is scandalous, but there are many s investigation continuing on capitol hill. the irs situation, there is new lessons today. taking the fifth of in testimony, the federal election commission, how that interaction happened and what exactly was happening with different groups and individuals based on the irs and the sec, if they go outside the irs, that he comes a real problem for this administration. it is still going on.
11:44 am
dagen: the evidence is out there that the american people do care about these issues. >> you ask any poll, which breaks down about 40% of democrats, 34% republicans, 22% independents, but they step into the 50s and 70% of what they think people think these investigations should continue on all of these different fronts. every poll suggests overwhelmingly american people think they should. dagen: it is good to see you. every night you must, must watch on the fox news program. hope to see you very soon, my man. connell: moving onto a very, very, very real one from major league baseball. mlb is considering a lifetime ban for alex rodriguez and the
11:45 am
yankees and others for eight more players. a big sports business story. duke, good to see you for stopping over. i guess the basic question everybody in this town is talking about today is will alex rodriguez ever play baseball again? >> he will reach an agreement. originally thought he would fight lifetime suspension if he got it. i think he will try to cut a deal. connell: 38 years old already. >> knee surgery as well, let me keep him off the field as well. tough to come back after basically all of next year and then at age 28, let alone 38 with all these injuries. connell: record revenues last year, so you could argue as
11:46 am
popular as it was in the height of the steroid era, that said as they come down hard on these players, what do you think the effect will be on the game next year? >> i think on the game of baseball and other sports. let's say alex rodriguez is banned for life, does that put pressure on other sports to follow suit and make their penalties, formants enhancing drugs tougher? if we look at this, it is not only alex rodriguez, talking seven, eight other players. guys in pennant races right now, nelson cruz, the rangers, four games back in the west, they may lose him and that would be a big blow to him. the detroit tigers are in first place, they just traded for him and are bracing to lose johnny.
11:47 am
it could affect the race as well and potential revenues for teams that would get into the postseason. connell: while they ever really get cleaned up the sport or other sports? >> for some of these drugs have been around for more than just the steroid era. everybody is vilifying ryan braun right now. he signed a major deal well over $100 million, but he will still make his money. connell: minor-league guys hardly making any money. >> cabrera was suspended last year and over the off-season signed almost $2 million off-season deal. if you really want to be serious about it, do what you do for gambling, pete rose fan for
11:48 am
life. if you really want to be strict and push it out of the game, you ban these guys for life. connell: you are saying this year and next. >> potentially would be $40 million loss for alex rodriguez. connell: good to see you, duke castiglione from fox 5 in new york. dagen: joining us now, down on the floor of the new york stock exchange. i say why do we care, do you? >> it is a century mark if you will, psychologically it is important, psychology is an important part for investors hiding in the safety of the bond market now realizing this not a safe as it was, so a 1700 mark is the idea you should be in equities and they can go higher.
11:49 am
dagen: better than a much better than expected report labor department. >> adp number certainly lit that fire, so you can see with all of this going on, the expectations built in and the jobs number, unemployment numbers, granddaddy of them all of trading, that is what will without a doubt help maintain the direction we are in or correct it fairly dramatically. dagen: thank you so much. connell: more good stuff coming up including the way to save time while you are waiting for your flights in chicago. dagen: the shop until you fly details. right now, seven years of musicare tweeting.eamed.a qs
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dagen: big-name retailers are opening up and branching out. connell: jeff flock hitting the ball, there is an added bonus. shop while you are waiting to fly? jeff: i tell you, it is a mall unlike any others. you can shop here and go to the airport. i am with a man whose reign child it is, a company, you may know what. you are kind to revolutionize the shopping experience. >> we are trying to the shopping experience as a social cultural
11:54 am
endeavor as it was in the '70 '70s. it sort of got out of hand and out of control and it became separate and apart from the city. we want this to be home. jeff: you are probably the closest outlet center in the country near a large city. it has more outlets than regular stores. is this the future? >> i think the future is fewer but larger. fewer but more important would be my recipe for the future of outlet development. i believe the brands do not want to have 30, 40 outlets. it sours the original branding, it dilutes a bit. jeff: this begins to cannibalize the fall store and neiman marcus. >> we don't see that overlap any
11:55 am
more than 10% on the best today. one would not shop the discounts side of it. they are just different cultural changes, but we did understand the brands were not presenting themselves these glorious brands from a whole another world. jeff: this promise promise to ba better stage, 500,000 plus square feet, many high and outlets. i am the aspirational one, mr. weiner would be the one who is already there. connell: jeff flock in illinois for us. the market up today. more talk about obamacare coming up. there is money to be made from
11:56 am
it. the stock has jumped the most in seven years yesterday, dennis and cheryl next. dagen: what about jcpenney? now that report about lending being cut off refuted, denied by jcpenney and an alice is ahead still likes this stock. llain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i jujust pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. doest work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let'go what's in your wallet?
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dennis: dow still a triple digits. cheryl: the dow is still soaring. coming in a five-year low. still wondering what the fed is doing. here's a question for you, or the big banks creating the next toxic bubble? we will tell you about concerns on buying to rent bonds. dennis: money to be made from it. one-on-one with the ceo who
12:00 pm
stock jumped the most in seven years. cheryl: is time to put jcpenney just down? the stock is up today at "the new york post" story. analysis says do not count out this company. dennis: why should gender matter for the new fed chief? my take coming up. stocks every 15 minutes, nicole petallides, s&p 500, i will let you give it, nicole. nicole: all-time record highs, the dow jones industrials. i know you know the number. let's give it to the viewers. so that was our high of the day. just about a point away from the all-time record intraday high,
12:01 pm
they have up arrows, dow jones industrials up 122 points right now. let's take a look at an ipo today. this is a company, organic foods, 160 stores across the u.s. the ipo price, i am telling you right now farmers market. i will give you the facts. ipo $18. where's the stock trading now? 112%. cheryl: i have been to them, they are great. let's take a look at the dow, up nearly 140% from recession lows we had back in 2009. creating a real estate bubble that pop, set in the market into a freefall.
12:02 pm
some banks are placing their bets on housing. reportedly joining bond backed by rental payments. we should first say what these are. blackstone has been buying foreclosed homes and they're getting in and renting them out. >> the analogy would be real estate investment trust owning apartments, renters and providing a cash flow stream and that is distributed investors in a bond like payment. cheryl: they are not confirming this. it could be september that they are available for investors.
12:03 pm
speak with maybe an institutional project. something i think that is a burden to point out, we look at what happened with the financial crisis, financial models that informed the perception of risk and the ratings. those financial models went back 15 years during which time he didn't have any blip in residential housing. going up every single year. the last 15 years is going to include the financial crisis. this means the perception of risk, around these portfolios will contain 35% fall in the value. it depends on how it gets securitized, but they will be much better able to do it and they were in the past because they had data much more
12:04 pm
accurately reflects. cheryl: people began to miss their mortgage payments. this is based on people making the rental payment? >> was i value in homes actually and saw a fall in the residential infrastructure building and residential asset allocations. as it started to come down, you had the economy falter. when the economy started faltering you had the foreclosure payment. the point here is this. there are two takeaways from this, i understand the breathing very cautious, but you have to understand blackstone is a very transparent, very thorough organization.
12:05 pm
it did not have any issues that were not accused of any wrongdoing, they are very reserved firm. cheryl: are the landlords? >> this is the big question. it is managing and parchment is one thing. managing dispersed homes we have a geographical issue, to experts, technology has helped in this space, talk about how they're doing this, there really is a lot of technology to help them manage the properties. cheryl: homeownership at an 18 year low right now. a lot of income spent on rent. i get it. >> i is going to be actually
12:06 pm
prices have gone up no that bece is more mortgage issuess on the issue aside, we have a cap as to how may people can become homeowrs supply of qualified renters that will help. cheryl: very interesting. dennis: our next guest says dr. keep on pushing higher because right now they are the in town. president and chief investment officer joins us now. you say stocks have nowhere to go but up the fed has left investors to her to turn but income. cheryl: i think investors are looking at the equity market trying to get their feet wet from the disasters in 2008, and quite frankly so many people need yields right now across the world. so few places to find any good
12:07 pm
yield. every one of those aspects investors will look at more closely, get their feet wet. the market is not a trend that will go upward forever. perhaps do some options strategies to get the feed into the business, get the dividend and the little cash flow from options as well. dennis: so many have missed out on the stock rally. if they had money i don't have the touch for years, number one option is cash. why are people not getting it? are you too afraid of getting in trouble for making investors lose money? >> nobody wants to lose money or somebody else's, but when you look at the facts, people have to be concerned about whether or not they will lose money in the bond market. if you look at the apple bond when it came out and where it is now, down about 13%.
12:08 pm
people may be got sticker shock on options that thought were completely safe there's a lot of volatility in the lower rates and if they work at all and continue to move up, you're going to have more people move from the bond market and the sidelines to try to occur some of those dividends. dennis: wall street has been fearing obamacare. you think takeover will emerge out of that making you money in stocks. tell us. >> it is in the investment business, we so what happened after the past with the sarbanes-oxley law. there was a lot of costs associated with the regulation not just civil penalties, i think you saw lot of corporate executives who did not want to convert their stripes into horizontal pinstripes. so you saw lots of companies capitulate. they went private, they went
12:09 pm
offshore or they merge. we have two very significant pending pieces of legislation that will do essentially the same thing. you will see some smaller companies that are associated in the financial area and in the health care area that will experience the cost and seek partners. dennis: tell us why you like the drillers. >> it is hard to be able to identify what targets may be out there in an acquisition deal. if you work with a company that will benefit with an increase in that merger, i think you have a winner. they are a facilitator of merger activity. we all know what is taking place, but the key thing is when you're using the fracking as the development of energy producing areas, you have to do a lot more drilling, a lot more seismograph
12:10 pm
at work in order to find where that drilling is those basic areas will be attractive i. cheryl: hot month, gm passenger cars up from a year ago. retail sales increased 23% with ford small car sales jump and 32% year over year, u.s. grew 19% giving for the best july since 2005. price reporting last month with your sales up 11% year-over-year help in the company to the best july in seven years. dennis. dennis: the search for the next fed head. the frontrunner is the fed's vice chairman since 2010, imminently qualified. but some people focus more on her gender.
12:11 pm
the first female ever to run the fed. oh, who cares. she may be all of these things, gender simply isn't the issue. yet 37 female members of congress led by maxing waters sent a letter urging the president to give janet the job. sheila bair says it is time to break the glass ceiling, testosterone and wall street feels were couple with guys than girls in the main rival is lauren summers. he quit as president of harvard after sticking his foot in his mouth on women and hard sciences, so they are picking summers with sending the wrong message. say it cannot be trusted to understand everyday economic problems women face. really? should gender be a factor in picking the next fed chief?
12:12 pm
your comments coming up. cheryl: megadeal with the federal government, investors drove the stock to the best in seven years. the ceo joins us later on in the show. dennis: ribbon-cutting on the richest fictional characters. bruce wayne. counting down to the richest character at the end of the show. i bet you can't guess who it is. ♪
12:13 pm
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cheryl: we were looking at stocks in the green and in the red. now take a look at american express and bank of america. the names are leading the dial higher now. a lot of us on the heels of the fed from yesterday, take a look at initial jobless claims, they're coming down.
12:16 pm
two major companies watching right now. who do you have? nicole: one is lower, one is higher. refining profits over 90%. reducing the share buyback. you can also see marathon petroleum actually spun off in may remember we look at this one talking with the fact it is a record of 190,000 barrels of gasoline and experts, and second quarter. we see that one thing well with a different picture than exxon today. cheryl: thank you. dennis: time to make some money in the house of pain. charles: this is all about the super information highway. no more speed bumps.
12:17 pm
none bigger to me and the internet-based companies making a lot of money in this stock. take a look at this. when these companies went public first day of trading the lowest price after that, the stocks have a lot of bumps in the road. truly first day of trading, we all know facebook, 38 by june of last year, slow $17. all the stocks are up significantly today and yesterday. so the question is no more speed bumps. i don't know, it is nerve-racking. they will be morepetition. we know some of these things for instance yelp has a p/e ratio of 66, facebook ratio is 40. that might explain why the short position is that 52-week lows.
12:18 pm
cheryl: this point about advertising revenue, heard you talk about all three and concerns about that. i can see why there was a selloff. charles: we took profits on yelp yesterday. am i crying this morning? a little bit. you have two because he sees isg from 24 to 15, you have to understand the risk involved. dennis: you have to wonder, maybe you should buy a little bit more when it goes down to 17. charles: the point is this is the place to be. they will continue to be volatile. i think you have to be in them. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: coming up, the case for sticking with jcpenney at the stock tries to recover today after a beating yesterday.
12:19 pm
dennis: the jury asking questions of the judge. liz macdonald will be here with what that means.
12:20 pm
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12:23 pm
s just finishedast the the thre reading a statement at the aerial castro hearing. accused of kidnapping, raping and then holding she and two others captive for more than a decade may deal to avoid the death penalty he pleaded guilty to 937 criminal counts and faces a life sentence. and as a laker has been granted one year of temporary asylum in russia, he has been at the moscow airport since arriving in june 23 in the west of the manning russia sentence him home to face espionage charges. hours before president obama scheduled to meet with lawmake lawmakers, the agency denying a report that the database track all caps next data. the story based on leaked
12:24 pm
documents show analysts can scour any individual on chats, e-mails at will. the nsa says allegations are simply not true. both of your headlines. dennis: the stock rally continues. the s&p 500 rising to an all-time trading high. remember, 1704.97 was the all-time trading high to hit earlier today. the dow up 128 points. if that is not an all-time trading high, it is darn near it. jobless claims did pretty well. i asked him surprised, not so much a surprise is worried the federal pullback on the minus got started anyway. the jury deliberating, an interesting question this morning. on what it might mean.
12:25 pm
>> the question is they're asking wherever this is a different levels of it so to investors, so the question is do we need to find operated as a fraud or deceit all the levels the three levels in the deal or just one of them. trying to see if he coit fraud and one piece of the deal sold to banks. the other question is about the money he made, he made money at goldman sachs ask another question, they are saying does any money he obtained satisfy the security laws that say yes obtained money in the fraud. meaning there is a salary. this means the jury at this stage in the case is asking these questions about satisfying
12:26 pm
the different sections of the security law to see if they found liable. dennis: is it only one level? it makes me think you have not convince me, the jury, that he is guilty. this guy did not make extra money on the side, instead he merely got his salary, goldman would say we are not paying him to be fraudulent at all. cheryl: depends on how the judge in questions. we don't know yet how the judge is going to direct them, but these questions we have that have just been released by the court tells you the jury is possibly thinking negatively about at this stage of the case. the jury continues to deliberate, this could swing either way, for or against, but for right now they are asking
12:27 pm
negative questions. breaking news. dennis: thank you for bringing it to us, liz macdonald. stock pickers, and now we six e results of the month-long stock place, this friday we will say goodbye, they decided to put down a bit of a wager. >> i look forward to taking on robert, fox business summertime showdown and i am betting a pint of ice cream that i will win. >> i will buy him an arizona taco if he beats me on the fox business summertime showdown. cheryl: ice cream and tacos, the loser has to pay, you have to watch the showdown is friday to
12:28 pm
see whose picks performed the best, and right now it is really, really close. dennis: i still want to hear from you. should gender matter? cheryl: staying out of that one. shareholders sharing one health company is still with the government. the ceo is here. jumping up on the nasdaq. so stay with us. [ horn honks ]
12:29 pm
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italy's live at the stock exchange, covered on stocks now all three major, and the dow is an all-time high. time warner came out with quarterly report moving to an annual high of 129.93. was 1976 with a gain of 3-1/4%. they did report weaker subscriber numbers. and takeover speculation is, and seeing get higher and couple risks, and broadband usage. >> two months to go until obamacare, not those exchanges, ending to the beltway with the
12:33 pm
changes now that they go into effect. >> we just got another 24 hours before congress leaves town for its august recess and as a result we are seeing all kinds of action in the capital and in washington about the implementation of the president's health care reform law and the hearing going on at the house ways and means committee about the enforcement side of this. the irs will make sure the people getting government subsidies get them and if the wrong people get them how the government would get the money listen to this exchange. of a subsidy they sneunknowingl the law does not make them eligible for you will have to tax that back in two years time to all of it. that is the law. >> we are going to help the individual when filling out
12:34 pm
their taxes and navigating through the exchange to understand whether they have an employer private plan. >> you don't have an employer mandate and you need to verify this, you are going to have a lot of people getting subsidies that they are not supposed to get and hit them with a big tax bill in two years to claw it back. >> one of the lines of attack by republicans. they are looking at additional legislation to either repeal obamacare altogether before everything takes effect or at least defund and delay it. cheryl: peter barnes out of washington. thank you. dennis: with you are for obamacare or against it, and gaining the most yesterday, in seven years after the company reached a deal to set up health care insurance exchanges in 36 states and joining me is chairman and ceo gary lauer. with stock soaring let me put you on the spot in the opening
12:35 pm
of this interview and ask you you are headed for a tumble of people will start buying you are going up from here. >> i don't know the answer to that either way. we're pleased with the reception from the investment community but more importantly the real winners aren't us. it is consumers. there will be choices about how they enroll in health insurance and we have been at this for a long time and the order exchange and whenever we are in the same sentence we are doing this so i think this is an example of private and public sector coming together hopefully to help people. dennis: what is the new deal and who pays you to do this? >> interestingly you have states building exchanges and many have opted not to. there are 36 states the federal government will be setting up exchanges.we signed an agreemen federal government which allows us to host or and roll somebody
12:36 pm
who is subsidy eligible to the previous report just heard. our reach to these people these very difficult. and we are a profitmaking company and as you know all of that has no impact on the consumer because it is the same product at the same price. we just happen to have arrangements with health-insurance carriers. that is how we fund business and exchanges doing the same thing. dennis: by federal government paying you to set this up you make money by getting a cut from the insurance through the exchanges. the you foot the cost of setting up these exchanges? >> we do. one of the benefits here is this saves taxpayer money. many of the states, my home state of california is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build an exchange. every time they enroll someone on the exchange there is cost involved. every time we enroll someone we
12:37 pm
bear all the costs. there is not a set of costs the government and we save taxpayer money. it makes a lot of sense financially for the obviously presidents of spades but more importantly we are good at our reach, we do this on line, no paper in the process, we blazed the trail in terms of doing this on line. dennis: great profit motive to earn more money the more people sign up and the more people sign of the better of obama andcare will be, pretty interesting. is this an exclusive deal for the feds or could some other rivals set up the deal and said the exchanges in the same markets you are in? >> the fed can elect contract with others. we have to be the largest. dennis: tell us about the state. you got lines out to 14 states and you were frustrating they were dragging their feet. where is that? >> we are talking with them. what i hear from some states is understandably difficult to build these exchanges and they
12:38 pm
don't have bandwidth to work with this. my view is that is the reason they should be looking because we are in these states already and all we can do is help, whether you like the affordable the land so we might as well get people and rolled to keep prices and stabilize and get this to work. dennis: for more upward movement, thanks for being with us, gary lauer, the day. cheryl: there are many who think it is time to put j.c. penney, the company on death watch. 10% yesterday, analysts coming up, that is what he will tell us. dennis: of j.c. penney surprise, you may be using your smart phone to pay up there and everywhere ahead in my media minute. clients are always learning more
12:39 pm
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>> i am tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. mortgage rates climbing, low by historical standards. according to freddie mac the rate on a 3-year loan is 4.39%. a full percentage point higher than in early may, jumping after the company announced an additional five hundred million
12:41 pm
stock repurchase. also declaring quarterly dividend of $0.40 a share, and sparkled as november 15th. downloading free mobile apps, more often than paid ones. 95% of the top 100 apps have one kind of privacy compromising behavior. the application also found there more likely to transmit private information than android. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
12:42 pm
cheryl: oil getting a big boost. coffee is not perking up too much, let's get to the trading pits of thisy. >> the oil market is picking up and all of a sudden good manufacturing data is bullish. a couple weeks ago got strong
12:43 pm
manufacturing data bearish because we were worried about papering but the fed saying they are more worried about a this inflation, what does that mean? explosive move in oil and more oil exports from the u.s. because right now with europe the supply concerns over there and the wind costs in the u.s. will mean exports are going to explode and what about the coffee? great news coffee prices hitting a four year low. lot of traders were worried about the brazilian was going to damage and lower supply but not to worry. prices continuing to fall. an six would be normal. dennis: time for stocks now, the s&p 500 crossing 1700 for the first time ever. how high could it go.
12:44 pm
and you guys on the floor, always wary and any time stocks are rallying are you worried today. >> the long-term trend is above 1700. intermediate around 1725 on the s and p, you may see a pause and going into the middle of august with technical analysis and depending what charts you used to suggest significant downdraft in the middle of august, and the last several months and the money flowing in is coming out of the bond market and the equity market. dennis: the old axiom sell in may and go away is total bund? >> you left a lot of money on the table, one of the best julys we have seen had a pretty good year in july alone. that is depending on what industry you are looking at.
12:45 pm
dennis: thanks for being with us. cheryl: another blow to j.c. penney, commercial lenders c i t cut off credit line, a report penneys is a denying but the stock should be on death watch and in the morning star analysts, and the stock is 10%. and the company has denied the new york post report but something is not -- what is going on? >> people are worried that the home longe, the home relaunch in 500 stores is more destructive than people expected. in general, and they are the peak draw on the credit over the summer because they don't go
12:46 pm
back to school and start shipping from asia for the holidays. >> in cash at the end of the quarter. and final funding the 9 the report and should also point out it only funds 4% for those vendors anyway. but yet the stock is 10% and reason for people to give a seller in the long term. >> i am a believer that it will turn around but it is a classic story that there is going to be -- when do you pick the peak of pain and it was ironic there was downgrading overnight. the analysts, this is the last straw, more trouble whereas this morning to me the news is not bad. i would also point out there was a difficult recession in
12:47 pm
2008-2009 so they were more conservative so if there is some basis for the rumor that they did talk to somebody -- cheryl: the post reported the c i t sat down on tuesday and had to let the financials and has taken them awhile to get the peak at the financials and the executives, we don't know, said we don't like this story. >> that is not unusual. other vendors or factors would do the same thing. cheryl: today's closing argument between macy's, martha stewart and any, of the interesting things that came out of it is you have to wonder if any would be breathing a sigh of relief if they don't get this to go away because this is a ten year agreement with marcus during. ten year commitment that the current ceos made, ron johnson made this deal with martha
12:48 pm
stewart. >> interesting point, the martha brand will be strong for a long time. personally i think the quality of the merchandise is as important as the name. if the name is going to continue it is a split deal where they have to share it. that might not be as attractive either. consumers do recognize the quality of the product and the design. where that comes from i don't think is critical. cheryl: as long as they can get on sale that is aurora important part. thank you very much. they have been but people want what they want. dennis: in today's media minute next time you order a burger at a fast-food joint stick the best of the debit card and use your smart phone. verizon, at&t, t mobile going
12:49 pm
nationwide with isis, a service that turns your phone into a debit card, tested in salt lake city, a marketer's dream. two thirds of users want offers from their favorite brands, 25 big retailers are installing isis deer in a one.3 billion locations by year end. in film white after belly flop, two big budget flops, pacific rim from warner and turbo from dreamworks suddenly looks better overseas, and taking $140 million overseas, and there's talk of a sequel, and turbo cause $130 million to make, at its opening weekend. will turn a profit on overseas sales. the bitter battle putting cbs against time warner cable latest results earnings per-share up double digits, both shops stop trying. both of you. cheryl: a gambling problem in
12:50 pm
las vegas. i will fill you in in the west coast minute. dennis: your last chance to get on what is bugging me. should gender matter in choosing a fed chief? [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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12:54 pm
despite 39.7 million visitors last year total revenue from gambling and entertainmentvegas. that is $500 million less than what was recorded. and for nightclubs, day clubs, shows, and shopping. and the warmest ever ever, the heat wave leading to a new record in anchorage for the most consecutive 70 degree day is ever this week, presidents advised to do their best to take hold the air-conditioning not exactly common in alaska. that is your west coast minute. dennis: earlier i asked for your take. should gender matter in your election of the fed chief and here's what some of you had to say? robert says, quote, should it? no. will it? of course. social justice trump's competence in the minds of liberals and neither should be in academia. there's a reason some teach and others do. great fed chair, jamie dimon,
12:55 pm
that simple. erica gross says gender should never be a factor. most qualified, least corrupt candidated get it, michele says whatever happened to the best person for the job? cheryl: over the past two hours we have been counting down the richest fictional characters according to forbes with the likes of bruce wayne and richie rich were real, how much would they be worth. who is number one? scrooge mcduck. the bird swings in gold coins, worth $64 billion if real. dennis: i worked for ten years. great pride in their research but how did they research this? cheryl: coming up, reading on the health of the u.s. economy has been delivered. ups chairman scott will be joining adam and laurie,
12:56 pm
exclusive interview. and -- dennis: retail on wheels, a close look at shopping trucks. cheryl: extra pound of debt, which would you least like to have? obviously they have extra pounds on them. anyway, mr. poling on priorities. a quarter million tweeters musicare tweeting.eamed. and 900 miion dollars s are changing hands online.
12:57 pm
that's why the internet needs a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. togeth.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
adam: hard to believe it is august 1st. lori: stocks of to a great start, manufacturing, comfort and jobs gained but maybe not so fast. potential warning signs as the dow and s&p go to new time highs. lou: we will talk with one of the nation's largest companies,
1:00 pm
how the economy and ups are getting along. we are going to ask the chairman and ceo, scott davis and a fox exclusive, what does the economic outlook looks like for the u.s. and the globe? cheryl: maneuvering led the administration get ready for difficult rollout. dennis: if you thought you knew anything about this is the capital think again, charlie gasparino with new details. sac's indictment from the man who called it too two years ago. mark rossini is here but it is time to check stock as we do every 15 minutes and on the floor of the stock exchange's nicole petallides. new highs fresen be and dell. nicole: an exciting day on wall street. you are hoping for your 401(k) or your eye are a to go up, a band away and that is what everyone is seeing, record-setting day on wall

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